The End: An emotional and tragic love tale



I turned to the window-mirror for a reflection. I wanted to check my appearance.

The sun shone brighter today. A clump of Gulmohar trees, aside the road, had beautiful red flowers. Spring had come; a wave of happiness in my life. I beheld a joy within. I always wanted to spend my life with her, to grow old with her. We had been distanced for so long, but not anymore. I was prepared for a new beginning.

I took a deep breath. I was thrilled and closed my eyes to pray.

The above lines are an excerpt from my latest short story published on
This one, too, is being praised a lot. It has also been awarded with the Editor’s Choice tag and is contending for Story Of The Month – March, 2013.

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Met Her In The Bank

I knew Shweta since school days but we were not friends then. I was just like those average dumb students who were good for nothing and didn’t get any recognition in the class. After school, I moved to Delhi for further studies and she stayed in Surat (Gujrat) only.

The above lines are an excerpt from a new short story written by me, published at
The story is about a boy who meets his school crush after many years and what surprise does the meeting hold.

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Twelve Years …



These breezes feel like tears, the dust pinches like needles and the sun burns me to ash.

With every breathe I take, I feel cursed and raped by destiny. My life is lonely, heart vacant and soul unfulfilled.

Twelve years, I am all alone but she never came back. Our vow, ‘a life together’, has vanished and I am still waiting for death to escort me.

Thinking so, my newspaper falls. I bend and kiss the ground because inside, beneath the surface of the earth, resides my sweetheart.

“Twelve years to the earthquake – 26 Jauary 2001 – Gujrat, India”, read the headline.

An excerpt from Ramayana – The Epic

Sita stared at Ram’s face. His face reflected royalty, but not the love for his distant wife. His voice had dignity but no love.

She was yearning for her husband, but found a king only.

That was the moment! ‘Hey King! I think I should not depart now. Please escort me out’, bowed Sita to Ram.

‘But, you are the queen of this kingdom.’

‘I was your wife before being the queen’

Sita raised her head to call her Mother Earth and receive her. The ground opened and Sita stepped beneath the surface of the earth, never to return back.