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There were few books and incomplete assignments that he had to submit this week. Seeing them, the ache grew stronger. Without thinking much about studies, he opened the drawers and took out the pills.

He wasn’t addicted to pain-killers before but now, they were a must-have for him.

Environment. Here. The environment here was to be blamed.

He took few pills and gulped them with a glass of water.

He was in solitude and the pill traveling down his food pipe could be sensed. They had kicked his roommate out; the warden had agreed on a bottle of beer only. The doors and windows were locked and everyone was busy completing their assignments in their rooms.

Removing his spectacles, Vasu jumped on his bed and closed his eyes. It was spongy.


The above lines are an excerpt from a short story of mine, which was published on a short story sharing website 

Based in a hostel, it is a story of a boy who gets bullied to such an extent in his college that he does the unbelievable. The story is a dramatized version of the real incidents that happened with a friend of my elder brother.

Word count of the story approx 1950 words

Credit – The story has been edited by

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– Ankit Raj Bachchan