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The Missing Petals


I spent the night tossing and turning on my bed. I would close my eyes for some time and then open them again. It made no difference. Darkness. Now and again I would scream out of frustration. “I’m a fighter, I’m strong,” I would tell myself. “I’ll never fight anymore,” a voice from inside would retort.


And I wept myself to sleep. The next morning went the same. The same man talked aimlessly to no one in particular in the next room. Doctors came, checked on me and left wordlessly. A male nurse helped me walk up to the bathroom whenever I needed. My mom kept trying to cheer me up and get me talking, but in vain. Exasperated, she left by noon.


“You were screaming again after I left last night,” I heard her voice. It was past 2a.m. and I was lying awake in bed. Somehow, her company in these lonely nights was annoyingly comforting.


“Do you eavesdrop?” I asked.


“No, not really. I was woken up by your sobs.”


I squinted at the word “sobs”.


“I must have awoken the other room’s patient too,” I said, remembering the man’s voice from the morning before.


Strangely enough, she laughed when I said this.

The above lines are an excerpt from one of the best short stories I’ve recently read. You, too, can read it at
This short story is not written by me but by a friend; believe me, I’m not sharing it because she is a friend but because her work is worth appreciating and sharing. The love story that blossoms in the end will surely bring a smile at your face while your eyes being moist.
In case you don’t like love stories, you should still read it ’cause it’s regular romantic story but much more than it. The message is wonderful too.
You can read the author’s work at Adwitiya Borah
Hope you all like it. 🙂




SOULMATE: A tale of undying love

Image We danced in the eerie silence of the hospital as the sky bestowed on us its loving drops of water. Our love was an ocean of ecstasy filled with tiny droplets of these moments.
As the sky roared to make its presence felt, Rekha clinched my fist. “Ouch, you pinched your nails in!” I exclaimed.

However, she did not seem to care. “Hey! It’s beautiful. Come.” Her eyes glanced outside the semi-circular balcony.
“You will catch a cold,” I said, concerned. The floor had become slippery.
“Stop it Shaan! I am not a kid.”

“OK. Then let me bring the chairs.”

“Don’t behave like an uncle. Just come and have a look,” she held my hand and pulled me to the balcony.
The sky had turned red and the rain was waning away.
“Isn’t it beautiful, Shaan?”

“Yes it is. And the most beautiful of all is you,” I smiled. Her white apron over her blue dress made a beautiful contrast with the dusky scenario. Rain had stopped now. It seemed like playing hide-and-seek. The earthy smell and the cold breeze made me feel like there were endless tickles creeping inside me. I turned to Rekha. The breeze was constantly playing with her, causing strands of hair to move on and away from her face. It seemed as if they were playing piano on her cheeks. She passed her hands over her wet hair and smiled to me.



The above lines are an excerpt from my latest, and last, love story publishe don You can read the whole story at Soulmate.

It is a simple story of two doctors, and fiancee, who are planning their life after marriage and the incidents that unfold thereafter. My sole focus while penning this down was to let my readers imagine what they would do with their beloved ones once they get married. so do let me know in comments if had succeeded in that.

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Editing by Kae from Young Writers. Go and like her awesome Facebook page. 

Poem by Soumya Ma’am from

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