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I’ll Steal Your Heart


Finally, he opened the message and his eyes stoned on the screen.

What kind of fun? Please specify 😉

Rishi’s heart bounced to his neck. Not once had it ever crossed his mind that Arpita would reply so. She understood what fun he was talking about. She had known her to be someone who believed in enjoying such treats that life offered.

Fooling around with girls was easy for him. He flirted, he dated, he got dot down dirty and then told after a while, I think it’s not working anymore. Rishi wasn’t into commitment and tended to escape like sliding butter.

He approached life to be a fun.

Fun that comes with the tag of no-strings-attached, he quickly replied.

The above lines are an excerpt from my latest short story which can be read at 
It’s a five-minute-read about a flirt who falls head-over-heels for a very pretty and sweet girl. Do read my take on modern love of texting and chatting, and let me know if you liked it. 🙂

Credit: This short story has been edited by Kae. She has an awesome Facebook page, Young Writers. Do LIKE her page.

Thanking you,
Ankit Raj Bachchan